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 Own a Willys Hot Rod!
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The Willys Hot Rod is among the most popular and enduring forms of the hot rod. Now you can own a Willys hot rod more easily and affordably than you probably think. 

Our 1941 Willys fiberglass bodies are laminated using state of the art processes and technology and are delivered to you in a polished, high gloss, gelcoat finish. Floors and Bulkheads are installed in our alignment fixtures, insuring consistency in chassis mount up. Bodies are reinforced in key high stress areas such as the hinge and latch mounting points. Structural tubing is also used under the dash and in the quarter panel areas adding rigidity, while providing mounting points for key components.

We also have body packages for the 1933 Willys in either a coupe or sedan delivery. The coupe can be ordered with the standard top or a 2-inch chop. The back panel also can be either flat or with the tire recess. The '33 coupe and sedan requires the Mark II chassis described in the Mark II link above.

Our Willys Pick-up has been extended 9" to give modern day comfort in the classic 40s Styling. The Pick Up Cab is laminated and assembled using the same techniques as the Coupe insuring the quality today's Rod Builder requires. The Pickup Bed is constructed of steel with fiberglass rear fenders and tailgate insert. Structural tubing is also used under the dash and in the rear cab area for rigidity, while providing mounting points for key components.

 Drive Your Dream!
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By using your Chevy S-10 chassis and our Willys hot rod bodies, driving your dream Willys has just become easier. The Chevrolet S-10 and GMC S-15 are readily available and well supported by the after-market. The S-10/S-15 is a strong chassis and the front cross member and "A" arms are more substantial than the Mustang II components that are used on almost all other street rod re-creations. This allows you to build your Willys to your exact specifications.

Our 1941 Willys Pick up body package will fit on the standard cab short bed S-10/S-15 (108" wheelbase) without major changes. There are a few modifications that are necessary such as removal of the old body mounts etc. Our 1941 Willys Coupe does require shortening the wheelbase of the donor chassis to the original 102" of the Willys. This can be accomplished in several ways. One option is the Pro Touring suspension which will allow up to a 10-inch tire and includes a four link suspension and coilover shocks. Another option is the Pro Street suspension which will allow up to a 15-inch tire. Both these options will reduce the wheel base and upgrade from leaf springs to the coilovers. A third option is to use our custom jig-welded Mark II Chassis. It features 4" rectangular tube long rails that are fully reinforced and tubular crossmembers. You can choose from an independent front suspension or two types of straight axles. 

You can build your Willys hot rod in several configurations. Do you prefer the Street Rod look? We have a body package for you. Have you always wanted a Willys Gasser? We have those, too. Want a 1-Piece tilt front end? No Problem. Suicide doors? Gotcha covered. We have options to make your car as mild or as wild as you want. Hidden hinges, regular hinges, door handles or shaved, you tell us.

Body options such as reproduction grills, headlights, buckets, taillights and door handles are available to complete your re-creation. Fuel tanks, radiators, motor mounts and suspension components are also available.

At Auto Classics we take pride in the quality of the body packages and chassis parts we produce. Let us know how you envision your street rod project and we will help it become a reality.

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