ScottRods AA/GS ‘Vette

The ScottRods AA/GS ‘Vette made it’s debut at the Piston Powered Show in mid-March.

It was very exciting to see this beautiful gasser under the lights at the Cleveland IX Center.  The joint efforts of ScottRods, Customs Unlimited of Ohio and Crowman Fabrications created one beautiful, bad-ass gasser/show car.  Graphics will be added with the christened name of “Cosmic Ray” and she will be out at the drag strip this summer.  Special thanks to Dan Heinle and Zack Leber of ScottRods, Jim Palosi of Customs Unlimited, Gordon Crowe and Barry Brown of Crowman Fabrications and Tim Irwin of Moser Engineering for all your time and effort, donations and true love of race cars that made this dream car a reality.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the track this summer!