ScottRod's Hand Laid Fiberglass 1948 Anglia Body with Gloss Black Gel Coat Exterior Finish

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$11,500 Base Price includes the following:
  • Body Shell with Rear Fenders
  • Floor and Wheel Tubs Installed
  • One-Piece Front End
  • Full Structural Steel Kit Installed
  • Stock or Suicide Doors hung and latched with Bear Claw Latches
  • Power Window Regulators with DOT Door Glass Installed
  • Trunk Lid Hinged
  • Removable Dashboard Installed
  • DOT Glass Kit for Windshield and Back Glass in Clear or Medium Gray Window Tint
*Call for a Quote on Options
  • Remote Keyless Entry with (2) Key Fobs
  • Interior Garnishments
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Inner Door Handle Mechanisms and Outer Door Handles
  • Trunk Lid Hinged and Latched with Remote Cable Opener
  • Trunk Lid latched with Stock Style Locking Handle
  • Pro Car Style Bucket Seats
  • Radiator, Fan and Shroud

Replacement Parts

*Prices do not include shipping

Part NamePart Price
1948-53 Ford Anglia One-Piece Front End $1,000.00
1948-53 Anglia Side Cowl Panels $100.00
1948-53 Anglia Custom Dashboard 37L x 5D x 7H $200.00
1948-53 Anglia Window Garnish Moldings $425.00
*Set of 5 for Anglia 2-Door (No Windshield)
*2 Doors, 2 Quarters, 1 Rear
1948-53 Prefect Window Garnish Moldings $475.00
*Set of 7 for Prefect 4-Door (No Windshield)
*2 Front Doors, 2 Back Doors, 2 Quarters, 1 Rear
1948-53 Anglia Firewall with 7" Recess $300.00
1948-53 Anglia Door-Unassembled Inner and Outer Panels $350.00
1948-53 Anglia Rear Fender-Stock Width (Lg Radius) $225.00
1948-53 Anglia 3" Over Stock Rear Fender (Lg Radius) $250.00
1948-53 Anglia 4" Over Stock Rear Fender (Stk Radius) $275.00
1948-53 Anglia Trunk Lid-Unassembled Inner and Outer Panels $350.00
1948-53 Anglia Pin-On Truck Lid $175.00
1948-53 Anglia Floor with Pro-Street Tubs $600.00
*Prices are per Each